The Washington Quarterly Spring 2014 Issue Launch

April 10, 2014

Bruce W. Jentleson, Professor of Public Policy and Political Science, Duke University

Michael J. Mazarr, Professor of National Security Strategy, U.S. National War College

Alexander Lennon (Chair), Editor-in-chief, The Washington Quarterly

As the Obama administration is expected to unveil a new national security strategy in spring 2014, the latest issue of The Washington Quarterly focuses on U.S. security strategy priorities. In the issue, Bruce W. Jentleson outlines a new strategy of recalibration that would shift the U.S. leadership role to better fit today's changing dynamics. Michael J. Mazarr proposes more innovative and economical ways to achieve existing U.S. strategy, a concept called "discriminate power." TWQ Editor-in-chief Alexander Lennon and Drs. Jentleson and Mazarr discuss these and other topics.