In Pursuit of Happiness: a Symposium on Poverty and Art

July 20, 2012

An exhibition by Regina Foster and a symposium of experts that stimulate dialog around art, inequality, and changing public policy 

-What makes people happy? 
-Is poverty more than a lack of money? 
-How do we measure well-being, individually and collectively? 

Center for Contemporary Arts presents cutting-edge work happening in economic theory, its real world application, and the art it inspires. In the Pursuit of Happiness sparks meaningful dialog about the roots and metrics of what it means to lead a happy life. 

Join us opening night for a celebration of inspired painting and a panel discussion led by world-renowned economist James Foster about the impacts of The Multi-disciplinary Poverty Measure and The Gross National Happiness Index. 

Featured panelists include: Regina Foster, artist; James Foster, Economics Professor at the Elliott School of International Affairs; Joseph Shepard President of Western New Mexico University; Helena Ribe, International Development Economist, recently retired from the World Bank; and Michael Moore, Economics Professor at the Elliott School of International Affairs.