Web Video Initiative

The Elliott School's Web Video Initiative capitalizes on our robust events program that brings hundreds of scholars, policymakers, diplomats, journalists, and other world leaders to the GW campus each year. Our goal is to share our extraordinary on-campus resources with the broader community to advance understanding of important international issues.

G2 at GW 2013

November 08, 2013
U.S.-China Trade: Jobs and Competition
November 08, 2013

Ann Harrison (University of Pennsylvania): Industrial Policy and Competition

Mary Lovely (Syracuse University): Trade Liberalization and Labor Shares in China

China's Growth and Financial Liberalization
November 08, 2013

Xiaodong Zhu (University of Toronto): Accounting for China's Growth

Chang-Tai Hsieh (University of Chicago): Institutional Foundations of China's Growth

The US - China relationship is now second to none in importance for international economic relations and policy and accordingly is a major focus of Institute for International Economic Policy. The centerpiece of this initiative is our annual Conference on China's Economic Development and U.S.-China Economic Relations (or the "G2 at GW"), which has become one of the premier events of its type. For the last three conferences (2009, 2010, 2011) we created a follow-up online "virtual conference volume".


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