Web Video Initiative

The Elliott School's Web Video Initiative capitalizes on our robust events program that brings hundreds of scholars, policymakers, diplomats, journalists, and other world leaders to the GW campus each year. Our goal is to share our extraordinary on-campus resources with the broader community to advance understanding of important international issues. To have an event recorded, please submit a request here.

The Contribution of Nuclear Weapon-Free Zones to the Global Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament Regime

March 23, 2010
NWFZs - Panel 1
March 23, 2010

Panel 1: Creating NWFZs and Pitfalls and Paths Forward

NWFZs - Panel 3
March 23, 2010

Panel 3: Coordination Among NWFZ Parties for Global Disarmament

NWFZs - Panel 4
March 23, 2010

Panel 4: What a Nuclear Weapon-Free Hemisphere Can Teach the World

Is Fairer Trade Compatible with Freer Markets?

March 04, 2010
Fair Trade - Producers and Fair Trade
March 04, 2010

Panelists: David Berdish (Ford Motor Company); Rene Van Hell (Deputy Director for Trade Politics and Globalization in the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Holland); Bama Athreya (International Labor Rights Forum); and Charita Castro (Divisio


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