Web Video Initiative

The Elliott School's Web Video Initiative capitalizes on our robust events program that brings hundreds of scholars, policymakers, diplomats, journalists, and other world leaders to the GW campus each year. Our goal is to share our extraordinary on-campus resources with the broader community to advance understanding of important international issues.

International Development Studies 2015 Capstone Presentations

April 24, 2015
Information is Power
April 24, 2015

“Information is Power”: A Look into the Use of the Global Disability Rights Library in East Africa

The Ties that Bond
April 24, 2015

The Ties that Bond: Bridging and Linking Social Capital in East Africa
Elizabeth Bleuer, Virginia-Marie Roure, Megan Shea; Mercy Corps

Power to the People?
April 24, 2015

Power to the People? An Assessment of Government Decentralization in East Africa

Soyeon Kim, Wade Smith, Mitchell Sommers, Meredith Varela; International Republican Institute

2014-15 Undergraduate Scholars Final Presentations

April 16, 2015
Panel 4: Land and Labor
April 16, 2015

 Implications of Social Roles on Quality of Life, Public Health, Social Change, and Political Access

The 2014- 2015 Undergraduate Scholars gave their final presentations on Thursday, April 16, 2015.  


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